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Nightmare and promise
Tmnt au
Leo, Raph, Donnie; 27yr old
Mikey; 12yr

Mikey just woke up from nightmare in cold sweat and bit pain. Having same nightmare about a week, Mikey was getting moody for not getting a good night sleep. His father was getting real mad with him for ninja work too tier to think stray. Leo try to talk to him after work out but Mikey just walk away. Raph feeding his pet turtle spike his sow Mikey trip over fell in to water. Run over to his baby brother help out.

Raph; hey little ninja are ok


RAHP; but I always call you little ninja

Mikey; just leave along

Mikey run to his room lock the door and stay his room rest day was tier of the nightmare. His what to have good night sleep. Hear nock at the door

Donnie; hey Mikey is Donnie may please I come in to talk.

Mikey; why?

Donnie; I want to help please

Mikey; fine

Mikey open the door let Donnie enter. Donnie look of his brother face it can see was tier of lack of sleep. Donnie sit on bed next to Mikey.

Donnie; Mikey you have a problem you can talk to me you know that.

Mikey; I know. I not 6yr old anymore have solve my owner problem

Donnie; Mikey some time we need help is that is normal. I can see you not have a good night sleep in a long time.

Mikey; how do you know.

Donnie; simple you not acting like happy self in a long time

Mikey; that true. Ok Donnie you win. Having nightmare pass few nights
Weird pink brain thing in metal body.

Donnie; *shock face* you have

Mikey;*sod* those thing keep in cage do weird thing to me and can see other like me they not moving. Hear big explosion everything go black. I am scare Donnie I know they are not real but still I am scare.

Donnie; Mikey those thing are real they call them self Krang. Should you toll you about them buddy.


Donnie; let me tell you story ok. Leo, Raph and me was in Krang lab. We hear about Krang was making army of mutant take over world. Then one of Krang mutantge store tank exploited right in front of us we dash out lab, but hear little baby cry so I stop fell step saw cage with little mutant turtle. Know leave it hear will died so took him back home show my father what I found in Krang lab. His say this little one now and forever part of our clan.

Mikey; more scare now maybe Krang want me back or want me dead.

Donnie; Mikey don’t worry you safe I won’t let Krang hurt you again

Mikey; Donnie you can’t promise like that. You guy put you self in danger all the time.

Donnie; promise to always have you back. Help you to become great ninja too.

Mikey; promise???

Donnie; promise

Donnie give his little bro a big hug. Mikey look Donnie his know his never break a promise. Mikey slowly closing and fall asleep on Donnie lap

Donnie; good night little ninja and sweet dream.

Bedtime Story for Mikey (contest)
JZLobo Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Is this for the Beta-reader match-making contest?
meatymeaty Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013
JZLobo Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Then I'm afraid you have this miscategorized. The Contests gallery is reserved for entries into official contests organized by deviantArt staff and volunteers. Since this is for someone's personal contest, it belongs in the category it would normally go--in this case Fan Art > Fan Fiction.

If you could be a lamb and try to move it, that'd be appreciated.
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